2014 Sangiovese

The Death and Resurrection series is reserved for those rare wines that must be buried for long periods of time before they reach their full promise. The wines in this series are the most extraordinary and longest living wines in my cellar. This inaugural release is focused exclusively on Italian varietals, each of which represents a dear dream. Each barrel has more covetous sleepless nights invested in it than I can count. Note well, rarest does not mean obvious or overt. These are deft, powerfully subtle wines, and the patient will be highly rewarded.


100% Sangiovese


White Hawk


Paso Robles

Cases Made:



16.1% Alc by Vol.

TASTING NOTES: From the black walnut banister to the vanilla white floors to the cherrywood portico to the passed platters of Leonard’s dry rubbed ribs and the gentlefolk jostling for juleps on the veranda, you can be sure this place is haunted. At midnight the house is soaked in secret cigars, Italian espresso, polished side-by-side Purdey’s and felt-muffled footsteps. When the moon is full, a silver Rolls Royce draws rich wake in the black soil of the lawn.