2013 Soothsayer

My goal wasn’t to make a pure Tempranillo, but through rounds of blending with Italian and Bordeaux varietals, these barrels sang. It was obvious they were destined for something greater than a sum of parts. Soothsayer emerged once I stopped forcing my hand and listened to what fate was telling me.


100% Tempranillo


Paderewski and Catapult


Paso Robles

Cases Made:



16.2% Alc by Vol.

TASTING NOTES: At the bottom of the stairs, the lights cut out and a warm bristly body rushed past your legs. This does not bode well. The wooden crates of supplies are being cracked open by the beast. The scent of cocoa powder, red currant preserves, cedar shavings, rose water, charcoal and fresh bison steaks combine with the taste of fear in your mouth as you hear the animal turn and approach.