2012 Wayfinder

Wayfinder is a beacon that has drawn me in. I made her in 2012 as a one off, but ultimately she was too intriguing to not pursue. I never wanted to get into the Chard game, Wayfinder is a swerve. Though as they say "The straight line is a godless line"....

Peppered with high tension powerines, vertical feet of rough limestone, ocean views and dashed dreams, Spanish Springs consistantly produces discus thrower fruit: focused, precise and far from lean.


100% Chardonnay


Spanish Springs


Edna Valley

Cases Made:



15.6% Alc by Vol.

TASTING NOTES: Coming of age quickly over the course of a summer on an esteemed country estate: White peach, tuberose, toasted Jasmine tea, pear Jelly Belly, anisette, vintage Bentley interior, arugula, nectarine and fresh shucked kumamoto oyster. Nervy and blithely voluptuous.