2014 Arclight

Named Arclight because of its stunning, unexpected brilliance. Rose is so often like kindling, formed from the slivers of larger wines and used to start the fires of summer. Honestly, I would have been happy with kindling, but Arclight gives another kind of light altogether. It has the edgy nerve of a paper cut, the sleek body of glacial arctic water and the summer flesh of a strawberry field. It is one of the most surprising and dangerous wines I've ever called into being.


50% Nebbiolo, 50% Sangiovese


White Hawk, Luna Matta



Cases Made:



15.2% Alc by Vol.

TASTING NOTES: When electricity was still magic and the black of night so complete stars still cast shadows, there were towers that lit entire towns with a blaze so brilliant it were as if a comet were landing. These were the arclights. Entire fields of summer berries, the soft whisp of smoke from a distant fire, the new patent leather shoes, the French lavender perfume, all lit for the first time by a flameless torch that banished the thief and his razor.