2016 Wayfinder

Wayfinder is a beacon that has drawn me in. I made her in 2012 as a one off, but ultimately she was too intriguing to not pursue. I never wanted to get into the Chard game, Wayfinder is a swerve. Though as they say “The straight line is a godless line”....




Bien Nacido


Santa Maria Valley

Cases Made:



16.6% Alc by Vol.

TASTING NOTES: The sunset on the coast always appeared more brilliant in the spring. Summer was around the corner, the now fields filled with new flowers. A post-storm sunset encouraged you to walk the meadow one last time: fresh apple cookies, watercress, plumeria, nibbling at a picnic of dessert fruits: pineapple, guava, lemon curd and lychee. The whip of salt from the ocean’s edge was a smart reminder of the coming dusk.