Vailia From, Winemaker and Owner

Vailia, I know, it's kind of an odd name. I was named after my grandmother, my mom's mom. I'd like to think that I got some of her strength, confidence, and pluck. She showed me the importance of packing light, keeping your friends close, and following your heart. That's where the name comes from -  here's the stuff that you want to know: before I dropped out of high school, I was a 4H star and a straight-A student. I once got arrested in an airport for forgetting that my grandmother's beretta was in my purse. I spent two years living in a 1977 Royal International trailer on Pine Hawk vineyard, where the idea of Desparada was born. I make my own deodorant. 

Every artist makes herself born. It is very much harder than the other time, and longer.
— Willa Cather


The wines of Desparada are guided more by spirit than style. I don't trust dogma; I also don't seek recklessness. In my head I'm an Italian and Bordeaux varietal producer, can speak 12 languages fluently, and own a house with a secret staircase. 



Desparada is the culmination of 19 years of traveling and working for and in wine. I've seen every side of the industry, from winemaking to harvesting, to importing, cold calling for sales, to managing brokerages, to working on restaurant floors, and managing a mobile bottling line. There's something in wine that kept me. I'm a traveler by nature, and Desparada is what carries me.